AirticBOX Slim for Metalbox

AirticBOX is an innovative solution for all types of metabox drawers.
Thanks to  the patented construction the mechanism is reliable and unfailing.

As metaboxes are easy and convenient to install, they together with  ArticBOX form a perfect set of unfailing and durable furniture drawers.
ArticBOX allows for efficient deceleration of a drawer  and for closing it silently irrespective of its load.

Extremely simple installation at any stage of the furniture production and a possibility of adjustment make AirticBOX a popular solution which is often chosen by customers.

Just one unit of AirticBOX is enough to ensure the correct operation. However, considering the big load of a drawer , it is recommended to mount AirticBOX on both sides to make the drawer work smoothly and evenly.




Metalbox Hight > 86mm